Canine Pain Relief

Kitchener, Ont

N2A 3V4

*Please note, that the services provided by Canine Pain Relief are not a substitute for Veterinary Care

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Mobile Pet Therapy


Welcome to Canine Pain Relief!

Kitchener/Waterloo's Mobile Canine Physical Rehabilitation Service

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Post Operative, Arthritis, Degenerative Disease, Injury

Home Care, Therapeutic Exercises, Laser therapy, Massage

Relaxation, Reduce Pain, Increase Range of Motion, Decrease Swelling

Reduce Pain, Muscle Reeducation, Decrease Swelling

Reduce Pain, Speed Healing, Decrease Swelling, Increase Circulation


Does your pup need help getting up? Contact us to purchase the Help-em-up Harness!

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We now carry Lollipups by Canine Wellness Centre! Click on photo to see more.

Active member of the Ontario Association of Veterinary Techicians