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Massage & Manual Therapy

Massage is known for its relaxation properties but it is also great tool to help decrease pain and tension in muscles either due to overuse, under use or compensatory movements. Massage in the post-op period can reduce swelling and can reduce scarring. 


Stretching can help Arthritis, soft tissue injuries or post operative patients that can have muscle tightening and fibrosis due to lack of activity. Stretching can help reduce adhesion's and scar tissue to help increase range of motion.


Passive range of motion (PROM) exercises are performed to help maintain flexibility and mobility at the joint performed. In patients who cannot perform active range of motion (AROM) exercises, such as motions of daily living,  PROM exercises can help reduce stiffness of a joint and keep it from freezing from a lack of movement. PROM also helps to lubricate and nourish joints by moving the joint fluid around within the join

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