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Why is a Referral Required?​


When it comes to your pet's healthcare, everyone that treats your pet should be on board. That includes yourself, and your Veterinarian and any therapist treating your pet. In accordance to the Ontario Association of Veterinary Technicians I cannot practice on your pet without consent from your Veterinarian.


Having your dog's Veterinarian involved allows for communication between them and myself so that a proper therapy session can be initiated.


Your Veterinarian can let me know about your dog's history, past medications, surgeries, injuries and even send important medical diagnostics such as radiographs. I will also be providing written reports to your Veterinarian about the treatments your pet has received for each visit.

A Veterinary Referral also provides peace of mind that your dog is receiving quality of care.

A Veterinary Referral can be obtained by calling your Veterinarian and having them complete the consent form in the Veterinarian section of this website.  

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