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Osteoarthritis/ Senior Pet Care

Together with your veterinarian, I will set up a plan to help manage your dog's osteoarthritis. This will include an initial gait assessment, examining your pet for joint instability, tenderness and muscle weakness and joint range of motion.  I will discuss nutrition and possible nutritional supplements for your dog as well as determine your dog's optimal weight.  If your dog is carrying some extra weight, a weight loss regime will be started. Weight is an important factor when managing osteoarthritis as any increase in weight is added weight on your dog's tender joints. 

A massage and/or laser therapy plan can be initiated to reduce pain and increase range of motion. Heat therapy and cryotherapy (the application of cold) can be used to help with pain and inflammation as well.  Also, exercises to help with joint instability, joint position awareness and muscle strength will be implemented to keep your dogs mobility at its best and increase quality of life for them.  I will show you some massage techniques and exercises that you can use at home with your dog.

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