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Lollipup - 69.99

Lollipup is a great tool for muscle and core strengthening, as well as proprioception and joint position awareness. It's low profile design makes it an excellent option for dogs with arthritis or those with neurological problems.

Available in Purple & Light Blue.

The Lollipup was designed by Tania Costa (CCRP) of Canine Wellness Centre.

*If you are in the KW area, please email us if you wish to purchase and have pick up/drop off service

lollipup pic 1.jpg
lollipup colours.jpg

Help-Em-Up Harness-


*Please contact us if you wish to order one as your pup will need to be fitted for the harness.

The Help-Em-Up harness is a wonderful aid to assist your dog in standing, walking and getting up. With dual support at the front and rear end the weight is distributed evenly across the body, making it much more comfortable for you and your dog.

help-em-up harness image.jpg

Walkin' Wheels Pet Wheelchair


IVDD, hip dysplasia, degenerative myelopathy, arthritis, amputation, or post-surgical recovery…

These are just some of the conditions that can make it difficult — even painful — for your pet to walk. But our pets are members of the family — they love us unconditionally and shouldn’t have to suffer.


Walkin' Wheels chairs are light-weight, high-quality, and all-terrain pet wheelchair that allows aging and/or disabled dogs, cats, birds, and more to walk, run, play, and do their “business" like before.


They are fully adjustable and come in a variety of sizes for all pets!

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