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Initial Consultation -Includes physical exam, orthopedic exam, muscle and range of motion measurements, gait assessment, weight/diet consulting, in-home environment assessment and a treatment. Also includes a full written report sent to yourself and your Veterinarian.

$125.00- I-1 1/2 hour session


Massage and Laser Therapy- does not require an initial consult


$50.00- 20-30 minute session


$80.00-up to 1 hour session

Laser Alone

$50.00-up to 30 minute session

Laser Package of 6

        $282.00 (45.00/ session)- up to 30 minute sessions

Senior Pet Care/ Osteoarthritis Management - Includes laser therapy, massage (partial) and exercises for arthritis plus advice on supplements, medications and support devices. Proper weight management, assessments on range of motion, muscle mass and gait are also monitored throughout the program. Full body massage sessions must be purchased separately. 

RehabilitationIncludes any or all of laser therapy, massage (partial), TENS/NMES/Interferential and therapeutic exercises. Contact us to see how we can help! Range of motion, muscle mass and gait, along with other parameters are also monitored throughout the rehab program. Full body massage sessions must be purchased separately.

Senior Pet Care/ Rehabilitation

$85.00- 1- 1/2 hour session

Senior Pet Care/ Rehabilitation Packages

Package of 6-$450.00 ($75.00/ session)-

Package of 12-$840.00 (70.00/ session)

             1-1 1/2 hour sessions

* Taxes have not been included

Prices are subject to change

    Please note there is a nominal travel fee for locations outside of Kitchener/Waterloo.

    If your dog is insured, please check with your insurance company as some cover various therapies. 

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